You Made Your Bed But Don't Have to Lie in It: 3 Fresh Ideas for Your Garden Beds

Try something new with your garden beds this season and give your curb appeal a fresh, new look. Dig up your old landscaping features, and revitalizing the soil with fertilizer and nutrients before implementing new, fresh gardens, beds, and plots. Consider the following themes to create cohesive and attractive beds that will result in an appealing feature for your yard, home, and overall property.

Perennial beds

Make landscaping and gardening easy on yourself by planting perennial garden beds this year. These are plants that are planted once, but that will bloom year after year, hibernating during the winter deep in the ground. Try planting these in the early spring, keeping plants spaced around a foot apart to allow for growth and spread.

Some perennial plants to keep an eye out for include:

  • Bluebells
  • Red Fantasia mums
  • Gold-colored sedum
  • White millet
  • Creamy Adam's needle
  • Scarlet red Monarda

Wildflower beds

Give your home a whimsical, natural look by bringing in a bed of wildflowers to your yard and garden space. These often give the home or property a quaint, rustic look, so that these beds can create cohesion with the natural surroundings of your home. Talk with retailers and landscape contractors about the varieties of wildflowers that are most hardy for the region, and to determine which flowers have the best chances of thriving in the climate.

Some wildflowers that will bring a natural look to your garden bed include:

  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Ox-eye daisies
  • Blue chicory
  • Red poppies
  • Yellow King's spear

Rainbow beds

If you really want to create a vibrant focal point for your property, try bringing in a wide range of deep, rich colors to make your beds pop. This may include a mix of perennial plants, as well as annuals, which will need to be replanted year after year. Create your own palette of colors that meld nicely with the exteriors of your home or other property features.

Add a pop of color to your garden bed with these suggestions:

  • Blue Forest-loving geraniums
  • Gold Marvel-of-Peru
  • Pink Livingston daisies
  • Yellow Welsh poppies
  • White Sweet William
  • Purple Carpet bugles

Don't settle for the same old landscaping ideas this year, and shake things up with a new and creative garden bed. Try the perennial, wildflower, or rainbow flower beds to give the home a distinctive appearance, and providing an attractive green-space that you will be happy to spend time in. Consult resources like T And N Inc for supplies, assistance, or more tips.