Replacement Caps And Spouts For Blitz Gas Cans

The company that manufactured many of the portable gas cans in use today is no longer in business. The Blitz company was once a major supplier of the ubiquitous red fuel containers. Even though they have exited the market, owners of Blitz gas cans continue to need access to replacement caps and spouts.

During yard maintenance, a gas cap can be misplaced or lost. With so many gas cans still in use, replacement parts are essential to provide owners with an alternative to buying a new gas can. Replacement caps and spouts are designed to perform as well as the original products. Replacement parts are important because caps and spouts also include various features necessary to ensure the safe use of a gas can, such as the following:

Inclusion of a flame arrestor

Portable gas cans are sometimes used in close proximity to heat. A gas can is often tilted in order to refill the fuel tank of a lawn mower. During refilling, the can may be positioned near a hot muffler of an engine. The inclusion of a small flame arrestor within the spout is key to greatly reducing the possibility of an explosion.

Under normal conditions, the flame arrestor within the spout reduces the likelihood that an errant spark might ignite the vapors within the container. The flame arrestor may be a wire mesh insert within the spout or at the end of the spout. A similar type of flame arrestor might be a small metal disc containing numerous punched holes.

A replacement spout is needed if the flame arrestor is damaged or missing in any of your gas cans. It only takes a moment to inspect each spout to ensure that the protective flame arrestor is in place.

Child safety

Children are sometimes located in the vicinity of gas cans. Federal law requires caps on portable gas cans to be child resistant. Whether the container is in storage or in your backyard being used, the gas cap must be fully functioning at all times to keep children away from danger. The only acceptable substitute for a lost gas cap is a new replacement.

Spill resistance

During the use of yard equipment, a container of gasoline may be moved around as needed. The cap on a portable gas can should not allow leakage if the container is accidentally bumped or turned over. The same precaution is in order when a portable gas can is being transported in a vehicle after a fuel purchase.

Gas cans made by the original manufacturer can be maintained in perfect working order. Contact a garden equipment supplier or private seller to order a replacement Blitz gas can cap or spout, and safely continue to use your Blitz gas cans for many more years.