Purchasing Your First Tractor? The Dangers Of Gray Market Tractors & How To Avoid Purchasing One By Accident

If you have decided that it is time to invest in your first tractor to help make work around your yard easier or begin some fun DIY landscaping projects, then you need to know not just what features to look for in your new tractor, but also what to avoid. The right tractor can help you perform tasks around your garden and land safely and easily and last for many years, but the wrong one, specifically a gray market tractor, can be a safety hazard to you and your family. Read on to find out more about gray market tractors, why they should be avoided, and how to ensure you are purchasing a genuine tractor produced for use in the United States.

What Gray Market Tractors Are and Why You Should Avoid Them

When first browsing the internet or local sale ads for tractors, you may come across some that seem to have prices that are too good to be true. While it is natural to attempt to find a great deal when purchasing any new product, you need to beware of the introduction of "gray market" tractors into the US and know how to spot them. Why? These tractors are built in foreign countries, often Japan, and they often don't meet US tractor safety regulations. The last thing you want to do is risk your health, or even life, when working with your new tractor.

Another disadvantage of these tractors is that while the companies enjoy shipping new ones to the United States to sell and earn a quick buck, they often don't make replacement parts for the tractors. That means that if a part malfunctions or breaks, you are stuck with a tractor that you can no longer use and just wasted a good chunk of cash on. Many of these tractors are even covered in the logo of a trusted US tractor manufacturer, making it difficult to know they are gray market tractors.

How to Spot Gray Market Tractors Whether Purchasing New or Used

How can you protect yourself and your hard-earned money by ensuring your tractor is genuine and not a product of this gray market? When buying new, it is easy to avoid them simply by purchasing from a reputable US tractor dealer. If you are looking into used tractors, be sure to ask the original owner where they bought the tractor and when, and ask to see the brochures that came with the tractor; many gray market tractors are imported with product manuals that are in the native language of the country they came from. US companies typically produce manuals in English or bilingual manuals, including English/Spanish or English/French print.

In addition, US tractor companies are willing to help customers figure out if a tractor they are considering purchasing is a genuine US tractor or one from the gray market. When purchasing a used tractor, look at what company is displayed on its logo, and look up the customer service phone number of the company online. Then, give them a call, and they may be able to point you to unique features of the tractor that can help you determine whether it is a genuine US-made tractor or a gray market import. Some  tractor companies also keep lists of model numbers of gray market tractors that have penetrated the local market. If you can't find a list online for the tractor you are interested in, then the customer service agent can let you know if they are keeping a list of models and what those model numbers are.

If you have decided to finally invest in that great small tractor to help you work on your yard more easily or have some DIY landscaping fun, then don't let yourself become fooled into purchasing a potentially hazardous gray market tractor that you won't be able to repair if it ever needs replacement parts. Do your homework if purchasing a used tractor, and only buy from a reputable dealer if buying new tractors, like Mahindra tractors.