Security Lighting Helps You Feel Safer At Night

Security lighting around your home can make you feel safer and the lights may discourage criminals from bothering your property. While you may want lighting for safety reasons, lights placed in the right way can make your property more attractive at night, too. A security or landscape lighting professional can help you design the best way to place lights on your property for the best effect. Here are security lights you might want to have installed.

Motion-Activated Floodlights

Floodlights make good security lights because they quickly turn on and brighten up your yard. Floodlights usually cast a large pool of light so you can see people approaching your home or coming onto your property. You might want floodlights that shine all night and that you can turn off and on with a switch, but the motion-activated lights are good for security reasons. They turn on automatically when motion is detected and the bright light they shine can scare off trespassers. Plus, the light they shed helps you see what's going on outside clearly.

Floodlights can be installed in several places around your yard. You might want them on the corners of your house or in your front yard. You may even want them on the corners of your backyard fence. The installation company can run wiring to the lights, or you may want to use battery operated lights that can be mounted anywhere with no need to plug them in.

Porch Lights

A porch light keeps your entry door in the light to discourage strangers from trying to break in the door. Having your door well lit makes it safer for you to come home at night since you can see clearly and won't have to fumble with the door lock. You can have a smart light installed that turns on at specific times or turns on when your car pulls in the driveway so your porch is never in the dark when you approach it.

Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights make your yard more attractive at night and they can also illuminate your yard so intruders are easier to spot. Criminals may even avoid your yard when there are no shadows to hide in. You may want soft lights that line your driveway or walkway and soft spotlights that shine up trees or shine against your house. By using multiple low lights, your yard will have a low level of illumination for just the right amount of light to improve home security and make you feel safer when you're home alone or have to go outside at night.

For more information, contact a security lighting service in your area.