Equipment That Will Make It Easy For You To Clear Land And Prepare A Garden

Leaves may be canvassing the area where you want to plant a garden next spring, and raking the leaves into piles and loading them into bags can be a tedious job. After you get the leaf problem handled, you will need to till the property that is being used to create rows for your garden. Purchase a couple of pieces of power equipment and a couple of hand tools that will assist you with preparing the land. 

A Shredder, A Hauler, And A Wide Rake

A shredder is a machine that can be used to break leaves down into small fragments that can be used as a mulching material or to condense large batches of leaves so that they will be easier to handle. If you decide that you would like to use the shredded materials to line a flowerbed or a decorative feature on your property, secure the bag attachment to the shredder. Rake leaves into a pile and use your hands to scoop up the leaves and deposit them into the top part of the shredder.

While using this type of machine, wear protective goggles and gloves. Dust will be kept to a minimum during the shredding process, but you should still have your eyes covered to prevent small fragments from irritating them. The gloves will keep your hands protected from the shredder's sharp blades. When you are done turning the leaves into mulch, dispose of the fragments or transport them to the areas that you would like to add a layer of mulch to.

A hauler and a wide rake are two hand tools that can be used in tandem. The rake can be used to collect leaves, and the hauler can be used to deposit the leaves. Think of a hauler as a large dustpan for outdoor use. It has sides and a back that will prevent leaves from falling out.

An Electric Tiller And Cultivator

A dual-purpose machine that is designed to till and cultivate soil will make preparing your garden quite simple. If you have used hand equipment in the past that had to be pushed across a plot of soil or stuck deep down into the soil, you may have had trouble preparing your garden in one session. With an electric piece of equipment, you only need to guide the machine along the length of your garden. Afterward, use the cultivating tool to turn the soil so that it is aerated. Once complete, you are ready to begin planting vegetable seeds in the soil.

To learn more about outdoor power equipment you can use, contact a garden equipment store.