4 Things To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Fire Pit

There is nothing cozier than sitting around a crackling fire. A fire pit is an excellent way to stay warm while enjoying the great outdoors. Fortunately, you don't need to go camping to enjoy a nice fire. You can simply have an outdoor fire pit installed in your own backyard. Here are four things to consider when purchasing a fire pit:

1. Inlaid Or Free-Standing

When purchasing an outdoor fire pit, you have the option to purchase a free-standing option. Free-standing fire pits offer immediate gratification. Very little installation is required. Once your fire pit is set up in the backyard, you can start using it right away. On the other hand, inlaid fire pits can become a seamless part of your backyard. This style of fire pit is built directly into the ground, and you will need to hire a fire pit installation contractor to complete the job.

2. Materials

Fire pits must be made from fire-resistant materials. However, this leaves many options available. Metal, stone, and brick are all suitable materials that can withstand high temperatures. Inlaid fire pits are often made from brick or stone. Your fire pit contractor can create an attractive fire pit using a pleasing design. The fire pit can be built flush with the ground, or it can be elevated for extra security. On the other hand, metal fire pits can be an excellent finishing touch in a backyard with a modern design scheme.

3. Fuel Source

You will need to decide on a fuel source for your fire pit. In order to burn, fire requires oxygen and combustible fuel. Wood is a popular choice for people who want a rustic experience. However, finding firewood can be a hassle, especially if you use your fire pit frequently. For an easy experience, choose a gas-powered fire pit. Gas fire pits consume natural gas. Your fire pit installation contractor can run a gas line directly to your fire pit so you can ignite a fire with a touch of a button.

4. Shape

Finally, you must consider the shape of your fire pit. Many homeowners choose round fire pits that offer easy access to the fire, no matter where you decide to sit. Square and rectangular fire pits are other excellent options. If you prefer to have your fire pit built in a more unusual shape, discuss your options with your contractor. An outdoor fire pit contractor can devise a custom design.