Tips to Help You Work with and Install a Proper Gravel Driveway

Gravel is a decorative and functional material that you can add to your landscaping. Gravel can help control weed growth and erosion but also won't degrade or need replacement as wood mulch will. But when you are planning to order and install a gravel surface for your pavement, there are a few principles you should follow to keep it a long-lasting covering for your yard. Here are some recommendations that you can use to install and prepare a well-built gravel driveway.

Start With a Prepared Foundation

One of the first parts of installing a gravel driveway is to make sure the site where you will be pouring the layers is prepared. And in the preparation, you should remove several inches of soil, large boulders, weeds, and other vegetation growth to accommodate for the layers of gravel. It is also a good idea to install a weed barrier before installing the first application of gravel. This will reduce the chance that weeds will grow up through your gravel and also keep the soil from coming up into the gravel layers.

Plan to Install Layers

When you prepare to order your gravel for the driveway, remember that you don't want all one size and type of gravel for the entire installation. The top layer of gravel should be a decorative and attractive looking rock of a small to medium size, but you don't need to fill the entire driveway depth with the same material.

The bottom layers of your gravel driveway do not matter in their appearance or arrangement, but they need to create a strong foundation for your top layers. In fact, you can order your base layer of gravel to be made of crushed limestone in large chunks or recycled rubble rock, which can be recycled concrete chunks. This baselayer will sure up the soil below to give your upper gravel layers stability and prevent their sinking into the soil.

The second or middle layer of gravel should be made of a medium-sized crushed rock that you compact onto the base layer. Once compacted, it will stabilize so you can add a top layer. The top layer of gravel can be made of pea gravel, rounded rock, or another type of medium to small size gravel. 

Manage Your Gravel Order

Order your gravel so it can be delivered to your home and as close to your project site as possible. If you do need to transport the gravel from its delivery site to the installation site, you can use a wheelbarrow, construction equipment, or move it in buckets. Smooth the gravel in place and keep it managed with regular raking to prevent movement of the gravel onto surrounding areas.

To learn more, contact a gravel delivery company near you.